MI Industries Certifications

MI Industries is Certified by Number of International Organizations for Environmental Compliances, Priduct Chemical Safety, & Product Certifications to Give You Authentic & Complied Products

"MI Industries is focussed to adapt to changing customer needs & requirements. We are fully engaged to adapt new practices & certifications."
Rakesh Sharma
Compliance Manager

MI Industries Certifications


OekoTex assures our customers that MI is manufacturing safe textiles by avoiding harmful substances in manufacturing. Factories & brands use our OekoTex certification to waive chemical testing.

Higg Index

Higg Index maps our compliance to various environmental, energy, and social compliance. We have achieved 71% compliance to Higg Index in March 2021.


All input chemicals and outwards effluent is mapped using ZDHC certifications to assure customers of compliance to international norms.

GOTS Organic

GOTS Organic provides 100% transparency in to our organic supply chain with compliance to GOTS based manufacturing norms & usage of complied products.

Better Cotton Initiative

MI Industries is an accredited partner to BCI where we are providing relevant credits for better cotton.

OCS Organic

OCS provides authenticity to organic blends which are required by our customers. You can opt for OCS or GOTS based on your product requirements.